Nailed It!

Last weekend, as a surprise for their foster daughter, some dear friends of mine asked me to shoot her senior photos.

The only senior photos I’ve ever taken were at the hospital’s auxiliary luncheon, so imagine the panic that flooded my mind as I winced smiled and warmly agreed to do the photoshoot.

I know enough to be fully aware that a good (and expensive) camera doesn’t make a photographer. Although there are hundreds of photo apps to make everyone and their sister a “photographer,” professional photography is still an art form. And having stood in the shadows of real professional photographers (Michaella PhotographyHannah ImageMVision Photography), I don’t pretend to have any idea what I’m doing in the camera world.

Nevertheless, my achiever personality kicked in.

41yfIc+7vALI’ve been wanting to purchase a digital camera for some time, and since now there’s no time like the present, I started prowling on Craigslist. I found a decently priced Canon Rebel XS that comes with a zoom lens, a 50mm lens, carrying case, chargers, cleaners and more that would be more than enough of a startup kit.

Then I started studying. And I do mean studying. I looked at every senior photo my friends had ever posted on Facebook. I googled “Practical Tips for Posing Seniors.” I added my subject on Pinterest and spent several hours analyzing her boards with hundreds of senior picture ideas.

And I’m still worried that even with our great ideas for spectacular shots, I’m going to end up with this:


Rest assured, the young lady I’m photographing is an absolute doll. She is beautiful, charming, and has a great haircut, so I’m sure that she will look fantastic. It’s just up to the troll on the other side of the lens to keep her that way…

Tomorrow’s the big day. Pray for me.


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