It’s the camera’s fault.

I was sweating bullets.

Yes, it was nearing “Melting” on the heat index, but that’s not why I had a sudden perspiration problem. It was finally time to take Brooklinn’s senior photos.

Convinced of my impending failure, I talked my boyfriend into doing some test shots with me so I could cram some last second practicing in. Looking back, this was a mistake. I love him, but he just can’t get the hair-flip, hand-on-hip, glamorous-grin pose down. 

Thankfully, Brooklinn can’t get the hair-flip, hand-on-hip, glamorous-grin pose down either as she hiked through a field in a sundress and cowboy boots with a pocket knife hooked on the left boot. And double thankfully, she is extremely photogenic (when she’s not distracted by squirrels or the wind blowing or rambunctious brothers). 

As it turns out, we had a great time. Here are the best of the best. 




And just because he was such a doll for helping me out, here’s one of my boyfriend. 🙂




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