Well, that’s embarrassing.

I am in a season of life when I look back on what I put on my social media and I wonder what on earth I was thinking.

With the support of family and friends, I’m undergoing a makeover of sorts. Not the hair and nails makeover, but more of a wholesome “change my way of life” upgrade. It’s a time to dust off old hobbies, practice some new ones, and triumph over bad habits. (Some of my newest hobbies include photography, ukulele, and basket weaving. Just kidding about the last one… maybe.)

Luckily for me, my number one fan (other than my mom) is my SUPER-FANTASTIC boss! I shall call her Shannon, for that is her name. She’s the director of marketing, and she knows a few things about personal marketing too, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when she marched into my office, sat down, and said, “It’s time to go through your Facebook.”


It’s amazing how many photos I had to go through and how many got hidden or locked. There were PLENTY of bad hair, no makeup, funny face, “I-don’t-give-a-cheezit-what-I-look-like” photos that were honestly a little less than presentable. Some were so bad that the entire ALBUM got trashed. *sigh*

Seriously, if someone I didn’t know was browsing through my photos, they could totally peg me for a renaissance ballerina/punk/vampire/musician-wannabe with no taste in style or haircuts.

Exhibit A:


Note the dark lipstick, the leotard, and black choker. This was clearly my Black Swan phase.

Exhibit B:

Is that a pretzel? Unfortunately for me, the punk rocker/young professional/hippy peace sign look doesn’t work.

Exhibit C:

I can only assume that I was having a seizure and thought it would be super cool to take a selfie at the same time. (And I will admit… this was in my bedroom. On my bed. Alone. And THIS is what I did with my time.)

So there you have it. Chances are, there will still be PLENTY of opportunities for terrible pictures to be taken, but hopefully next time I will think twice before publishing them for the world to see.

(Stay tuned for more “Project Emma” updates!)


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