Don’t talk to me until you’ve made up your mind.

I love getting feedback from my readers – until they start pointing out the truth.

One friend said “I’m following your blog, but it’s been depressing lately!” Yeah, well, it wouldn’t be “Emma Dilemma” without a dilemma, would it?


I work as a graphic designer at the regional hospital. This is a FANTASTIC job to have. My boss is amazing, my coworkers are amazing, and the coffee is free. But being a graphic designer is not all sunshine and daisies, and believe it or not, I do more than color. The last two weeks I have been building a new brand for an incoming physician. The process went something like this:

  1. Think up 5-6 interesting names for his new clinic.
  2. Design 2-3 logos per name.
  3. Repeat each logo in several color schemes.
  4. Physician looks at all 72 logos in a total of 2 seconds, and says he will sketch his own design and get back to us.
  5. Wait 4 days.
  6. Physician returns with a chosen name and logo idea.
  7. Design 8 logos around the chosen name/idea, and submit them in several color schemes.
  8. Physician narrows it down to 2 logos, with revisions.
  9. Physician narrows it down to one logo. Changes colors.
  10. Changes colors back.
  11. Designer proceeds to develop business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, and ads.
  12. Receive email from hospital administration: “Remember that Dr. Physician’s clinic will be called “Something Entirely Different.”
  13. Bang head on desk and moan. The neighboring accountants begin to worry.
  14. Amazing Boss smooths everything over, and Graphic Designer returns to her happy place.


It’s Friday! Anyone remember Rebecca Black’s music video? Grab your bowl and cereal, your friend by your right, and learn the days of the week! It will be fun fun fun fun! We-we-we-we so excited!


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