Now I feel old.

• I should have been carded today. It didn’t happen. Now I feel old.

• To the random, sweet cowboy who took my empty shopping cart back to the store, thanks for making my day.

• It’s not stalking if you bring a friend, right?

• It’s so much easier to become bitter, but so much more worthwhile to be forgiving, resulting in so much more fun being happy!

• God is pretty cool when he lets you know through a random person (who has no idea about your past) that your prayers are being answered – six months later.

• Spending $24 on 38 days worth of V8 energy drinks will actually save me around $150. Breaking bad habits is hard but soooo worth it. It’s embarrassing when you figure up how much money goes down the drain in wasteful spending (not to mention bad stewardship).

• Talk to the cashier and look her in the eye. Let her know she is appreciated. A genuine thank you goes a long way.

• Know the dangers of leaving your iPhone in a locked, hot car. It’s not pretty.

• You know your best friend is amazing when you call her to catch up and you end up talking about Jesus for an hour instead. As she put it, our relationship sharpens each other.

• My mother’s kitten is possessed. Especially when she hangs over the back of a chair, trying to catch her own back legs, and then hops around the living room. You never know when you will be attacked…

• I rediscovered The Incredibles yesterday. Edna Mode is one of my favorite animated characters, ever.



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