Much ado about nothing.


• You know you have a great boss when you see what she’s added to your To-Do list while you were out and it makes you love working for her even more.

• I’m re-watching the TV show “LOST.” I watched it as it aired, but I was only 13 when it started and 19 when it ended. And I tell ya, watching it all over again (especially quickly as opposed to once a week with 6 month breaks) has been mind-blowing as I’m catching all the stuff I missed or had forgotten. Even so, I still find myself feeling the need to take notes… who, what, when, where and why? Still one of the best TV shows ever made.

• I’ve gone through the “LOST” DVDs so fast that the people at Blockbuster are now on first-name basis with me and are keeping up with what season I’m in.

• Who’s not a fan of the new iPhone iOS 7? This girl.

• OU won the football game this weekend!!! (BOOMER SOONER) My coworker/office mate (rabid OSU fan) is putting in for an office transfer.

• I got to see my little brother play ice hockey this weekend in the Junior A division. As the game heated up and the language and fists started flying, it was a little jarring to realize that he’s not in Pee Wee hockey anymore… and that he’s actually at risk of getting his teeth knocked out. (They won, by the way, and it was a BLAST.)

• If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing my mom, you’re missing out because she’s pretty much the best. We went to downtown Denton this weekend and had more fun poking around antique stores, drinking hipster coffee, and laughing at each other. (Special thanks to a dear old friend who was willing to join us and spend a couple hours with two crazy females. You always make us laugh!)

• If I have only one callus on my foot, does that make me a uni-corn?

Jesse-McCartney-Pictures• Jesse McCartney was my teenage celebrity heartthrob. To be honest, I’m still a sucker for “Beautiful Soul.” Go ahead, judge me. But first, you better own up to your own private stash of Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, and ‘N SYNC.


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