These are a few of my favorite things.

Sometimes, words are just too much to handle. At least, that’s the way I’ve felt the last couple of weeks. I’ve been intending to put out another blog post for some time, but the words aren’t there yet.

So here’s a happy post of pretty pictures displaying just a few of my favorite things.

1. Puppies. Especially when they’re not mine to take care of.


2. Light after a rain storm.

rainyday033. Color.

258026_2114620227100_3436647_o4. My siblings. (I miss you guys…)

527833_3899628331187_1737418460_n-15. When design elements come together perfectly. The first time.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.28.09 PM

Story behind this logo: The client wanted a permanent logo for this annual breast cancer awareness event. The town paints a symbolic pink stripe down Main Street, so the logo definitely needed to include the element of paint. She also wanted to include the iconic county courthouse as part of the design. With a bit of analysis and sheer dumb luck, the top of the courthouse just WORKED as the top of the paintbrush. The design was SO POPULAR that it earns it’s place in my design hall of fame.

6. Interesting art. (Found on the streets of Denton, TX)

IMG_13567. This guy playing the hang drum.

Hopefully my words will return to me and I’ll post something of substance relatively soon!

(Edit: I thought of a few more later last night! 🙂 These don’t have pictures… but they’re definitely on the list.)

8. The way my Canadian pastor says the word “clean.”

It’s really crisp on the first consonant, but then it rolls into the L in this really unique way that I can’t replicate. Must be a Canadian thing.

9. Crossing the last item off my to-do list.

10. The 5 minutes when my computer desktop is uncluttered and organized.

11. Grossing my mom out when I pop my joints.

12. Popping my joints.

13. Public speaking / Storytelling. Yeah, I love it. There’s something highly addictive in being able to captivate a listener with my words and leaving a particular message or emotion behind.

14. Completing a blog post.


4 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things.

  1. Do you know that there is such a thing as professional storytellers? They come to Frisco every Oct and give seminars……..and tell stories. Look it up!

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